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Missa Cantorem 2


01 Faster Than the Flame (feat. Tribune)
02 Beast of Gévaudan (feat. Roberto Dimitri Liapakis)
03 Dancing with the Dead (feat. Hannes Braun)
04 Varcolac (feat. Jonne Järvelä)
05 Alive or Undead (feat. Nils Molin)
06 Blood for Blood (Faoladh) (feat. Melissa Bonny)
07 Glaubenskraft (feat. Michelle Darkness)
08 Call of the Wild (feat. Hansi Kürsch)
09 Sermon of Swords (feat. Tommy Johansson)
10 Undress to Confess (feat. Matteo vDiva Fabbiani)
11 Reverent of Rats (feat. Sebastian ‚Seeb‘ Levermann)