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CD 1 Interludium

  1. Wolves Of War
  2. Sainted by the Storm
  3. No Prayer At Midnight
  4. My Will Be Done
  5. Altars On Fire
  6. Wolfborn
  7. Stronger Than The Sacrament
  8. Living On A Nightmare
  9. Midnight Madonna
  10. Bête du Gévaudan

CD 2 Communio Lupatum II     

  1. Werewolves Of Armenia (by Wind Rose)
  2. Reverent Of Rats (by Mystic Prophecy)
  3. Dancing With The Dead (by Annisokay)
  4. Call Of The Wild (by Rage)
  5. Venom Of Venus (by Ad Infinitum)
  6. Sudenmorsian (Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone) (by Korpiklaani)
  7. Stossgebet (by Eisbrecher)
  8. Fire & Forgive (by Electric Callboy)
  9. Armata Strigoi (by Warkings)
  10. We Are The Wild (by Lord Of The Lost)
  11. Night Of The Werewolves (by Unleash The Archers)

CD 3     Interludium Orchestrale          

  1. Wolves Of War (orchestral version)
  2. Sainted by the Storm (orchestral version)
  3. No Prayer At Midnight (orchestral version)
  4. My Will Be Done (orchestral version)
  5. Altars On Fire (orchestral version)
  6. Wolfborn (orchestral version)
  7. Midnight Madonna (orchestral version)
  8. Bête du Gévaudan (orchestral version)