Attila Dorn


Date of Birth
27th of October

Major personal influences
My Wolf bride

Favourite Powerwolf song
Armata Strigoi

Favourite Music (current top 5)

1. Machine Head - Bloodstone & Diamonds

2. Mustasch - Thank you for the Demon

3. Mastodon - The Hunter

4. Tiamat - The Scarred People

5. Devil You Know - The Beauty of Destrucion

First record bought
Scorpions - Lonesome crow

Latest record bought
Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
Best concert ever seen
Rammstein – Lucerne 2016

Strangest tour memory
A strange Backstageday on Tour in Prague 2016

Favourite movie director
Christopher Nolan

Favourite movie
Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont

Recommendable books
Lord of the rings - I´ve never read another book :-)

Fave food
Grilled Dry Aged Roastbeef and  vegetables cooked by my love

Credo/quote/wise words
It´s never too late

Equipment list
Sennheiser, Vision Ears In Ear Monitors

Best Moments on stage with Powerwolf
My Birthday on Stage in Moscow October 2017